Minimum Requirements

Before you Skydive

Before you can fly with us at Mile-Hi Skydiving there are a few basic requirements which must be met on safety grounds.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Bring a driver's license or ID
  • *Weigh less than 225 pounds

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* This is due to the combined weight limits of the gear. We will take people over 225 pounds with the prior approval of the tandem instructors. Our instructors reserve the right to refuse to skydive with any student in the interest of safety.

Pricing & Packages

Tandem Fun JumpFrom $239

Mile-Hi is the ideal place for you to get started! We have trained more than four times the number of students than any other skydiving center in the mountain region.

  • Tandem Skydive


  • Tandem with Handcam


  • Tandem with Outside Video


  • Tandem with Handcam and Outside Video


  • Outside video (add on price)


  • Handcam (add on price)


*Cash discounts offered on all packages.

*2nd tandem bought within 24hrs of reservation $165 cash $175 credit/debit.

Group Discounts (Tandem)$5 - $20

Skydiving is a great activity for corporate events, special events like birthdays, or family outings. We can accommodate groups of all sizes. Call us to discuss our group discounts!

  • 5-9 people

    $5 off per person

  • 10-14 people

    $10 off per person

  • 15-19 people

    $15 off per person

  • 20 plus people

    $20 off per person (max discount)

Skydive Certification Program$329

Mile-Hi Skydiving will teach you how to become a certified solo skydiver. You must be at least 18 years of age and weigh 250 pounds or less.

  • AFF level 1 with Course


  • Levels 2-3

    $219 each level

  • Levels 4-7

    $199 each level

*Listed prices are for cash payments. A $10 service fee is added when using a credit card.

Licensed Skydiver$33

Fun Jumpers love Mile-Hi! We have a friendly, positive vibe where you and your friends can come freefly, turn some points, fly your wingsuit, angle fly, or swoop the pond.

  • Full altitude (12.5k)


  • Hop-n-Pop


  • Gear Rental (includes pack job)


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