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Mile-Hi Aircraft

Our fleet is the heart of our service!

Nearly 30 years ago, Mile-Hi Skydiving's founder Jeff Sands sought to bring the first turbine powered skydiving aircraft to Colorado. That summer in 1995 Mile-Hi Skydiving leased a turbine powered aircraft to make that happen. Now Mile-Hi Skydiving is home to a fleet of those aircraft.

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Dehavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter

The Twin Otter is by far the favorite aircraft of skydivers around the world. This aircraft can carry 23 skydivers up to jump altitude comfortably and is now Mile-Hi Skydiving’s most iconic aircraft.

  • Capacity - 23 Jumpers
  • Ceiling - 25,000 ft
  • Range - 799 nmi (920 mi)

2 x Beechcraft King Air E-90

In 1997, Mile-Hi Skydiving obtained its own turbine aircraft, a Beechcraft King Air. Although the original King Air has since been retired (it will be on display at the Skydiving Museum in Florida) it was our primary plane for many years and carried 15 skydivers. Today, Mile-Hi Skydiving has two more powerful E-90 King Air’s that are the fastest skydiving aircraft in Colorado.

  • Capacity - 15 Jumpers
  • Ceiling - 26,000 ft
  • Range - 1,321 nmi (1,520 mi)

Cessna 206

Our first aircraft was the Cessna 206 and, in the beginning, was our weekday warrior. It’s capable of carrying six skydivers to altitude and was the workhorse during Mile-Hi Skydiving’s infancy. Now that the bigger turbine aircraft are in constant demand, the Cessna 206 is mainly used for demonstration skydives at events around the Denver metro area.

  • Capacity - 6 Jumpers
  • Ceiling - 32,000 ft
  • Range - 730 nmi (840 mi)
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