Mile-Hi's Swoop Park is based on it's 370' long and 180' wide pond which is arguably one of the largest and definitely the fastest man made swoop pond in the world! It is the only pond with a permanent submerged marking system for courses so you can train full time when the inflatable courses are not in the water. Mile Hi Skydiving has the capability of having three courses next to each other so you can train speed, distance, or accuracy and still do freestyle at the other end or across!

Mile Hi's swoop park is where Jeff Provenzano rotated 360' in his harness for the first ever "Miracle Man" freestyle trick. There have also been two world records for speed and distance set by Jay Moledzki swooping 678' and John Judy was clocked coming through the entry gates at a whopping 94mph!

The Mile Hi Swoop Park is open from May thru September and training is available through Mile Hi's Canopy School.