Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Program
If you want to become a licensed skydiver, then the AFF program is for you. Before you begin your AFF training, we highly recommend that your first jump be a tandem jump. The tandem jump allows us to instruct a student in a pilot/ co-pilot relationship. If you wanted to learn to fly an airplane, you would attend a ground school and then fly the plane with an instructor by your side. As long as you remain in control, you may continue to fly the aircraft. However, should you approach the limits of proper control, the instructor will override your input to ensure a safe flight. The tandem parachute system allows our instructor the same control, yet you still get to steer and fly the parachute!

After you complete a tandem jump, you will then better understand the situations and requirements described in your ground school that prepares you for your first AFF jump. The student produced by this program is a better skydiver than the one that did not do a prior tandem jump. Doing a tandem jump first increases the learning curve and lowers the stress. You simply have more fun on your first skydive! So if you want to make your first jump, click here for more tandem information. Or (click here for our price page.) If you have made a skydive and want to go forward with more training, then you are ready for AFF.

In an AFF skydive, you jump solo with two nationally licensed instructors flying next to you, as you freefall from 12,500'!! This altitude gives you more time to learn in freefall. During the jump, instructors will teach you all the maneuvers necessary to fly your body safely through the air. You deploy the parachute, and you alone get to fly your rectangular parachute like a glider to the landing area! The skydive is preceded by five to seven hours of classroom instruction. You may skydive the same day after your class, weather permitting.

After your first AFF skydive, you can then progress through an additional six level course to graduate from the student program. The AFF program is a 7 level program.

Level 1 ($319.00*) which includes your goggles for jumping and your log book, as well as levels 2 & 3, ($209.00*) require two freefall Jumpmasters (JM's) to accompany the student. These jumps concentrate on teaching basic safety skills such as altitude awareness, body position, stability during freefall, and most importantly, a successful solo parachute deployment. On level 3 the JM's will release the student in freefall for the first time, to fly completely on their own.

Levels 4, 5, 6, 7, ($189.00*) require only one freefall JM and teach the student air skills such as turns, forward movement and docking on another person, back loops, fall rate control, and diving exits from the plane. Each AFF level is designed to take one jump and requires a few more minutes of training for each jump.

After successfully performing the objectives of each jump, the student moves on to the next level. After graduating from the level 7 skydive, the solo student skydiver can practice and hone their skills by themselves or with a United States Parachute Association (USPA) coach and now your skydives are only $25.00!

AFF Video
Why should I get video of my AFF jumps?
Increase your learning curve; get video of your jump! Nothing helps you learn faster than seeing yourself on video which can be critiqued after every jump! You can also have your video edited to music and burned onto a DVD to show your learning progression to your family and friends! Our price $99.00*.

The next goal is to work towards your USPA "A" license requirements. During the advancement towards your first skydiving license, Mile-Hi Skydiving Center has included skills from the new USPA Integrated Student Program, to help low time skydivers learn additional flying techniques and enhance safety. The "A" license requires a minimum of 25 jumps. From there for you, the sky is no longer the limit? Learn free flying, relative work, freestyle, CReW, and high performance canopy swooping the new adrenaline sport where canopy flight meets NASCAR.

Classes are by appointment and are held every-other Saturday during winter and spring hours and every Saturday during full time business hours. It is preferred to make reservations 1-4 weeks ahead and all appointments require a $50.00 deposit. Private classes can also be scheduled if you cannot make a Saturday appointment for an additional fee.

Each AFF skydive includes ground instruction, freefall instructor(s), all equipment, a one-way plane ride, and a post jump critique. As you progress through the AFF program, the price of the jumps decrease. You may pay for one jump at a time as you progress.

You must be at least 18 years old and weigh 225 lbs. or less in street clothes. Be sure to bring a driver's license and wear tennis shoes. We are the ONLY school in Colorado that uses the most sophisticated safety equipment available on ALL of our parachute equipment.

For added safety- ALL tandem, student, and rental equipment are Cypres (CYbernetic Parachute RElease System) equipped! This is the world's best automatic parachute activation device.

Email us, info@milehiskydiving.com or call MILE-HI SKYDIVING CENTER at
303-SKYDIVE (759-3483)

*(All Prices Reflect Cash Discount)